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For foreign students

Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan enrolls students for getting Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, on the basis of secondary education and Bachelor's degree. Colleges of the University provide training to obtain an Associate's degree (Junior specialist) on the basis of the basic secondary education (nine years of study).

The center of work with foreign students offers foreign students to take a preparatory course. Within one year, foreign citizens are studying Russian language and Natural sciences, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing and others. After studying at the preparatory course, foreign students continue their studies in the chosen specialty and graduate from Baccalaureate, Master’s, Post Graduate school.

The List of the specialties for training of foreign students at the
Lviv branch of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after acadenician V. Lazaryan (Lviv)
Education level «Bachelor»

Code and Branch of knowledge  Code and specialty Licensed amount of students
 intramural (full time department) extramural 
 27 Transport  273 Railway Transport 50 40
 275.02 Transport Technologies of Railway Transport 25 25

The cost of training of foreign citizens at the University (in all departments) is:

  • Preparatory Department for Foreigners – US $ 1,200 for one year of study;
  • Bachelor – US $ 2000 per a year of study;
  • Master – US $ 2000 per a year of study;

Study in Ukraine

  • Foreign students who have full secondary education are enrolled for the first course.
  • Foreigners are enrolled to the university on the results of interviews in mathematics, physics, Russian language.
  • The term of carrying out the interview is set by the Admission Committee.
  • Submission of documents for foreign citizens is held since July 11, 2019 till November 1, 2019. The acceptance of documents to the Preparatory Department is held during the entire year.

Foreign citizens to the Faculty of humanities education and the work with foreign students submit the following documents:

  • a form of the established sample;
  • a copy of the document on education and the obtained marks in academic disciplines (with the document on higher education which should be nostrificated by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine);
  • a document on the absence of HIV infection;
  • a medical certificate on the health status and the inquiry about the absence of disease tuberculosis, certified by an official health authority of the country of which the foreigner has arrived, and issued no later than two months before departure to study in Ukraine;
  • an insurance policy on the provision of emergency medical assistance;
  • a copy of birth certificate;
  • 6 photographs in the size 4x6 cm;
  • a return ticket with an open date of returning home for up to one year.

  All the documents must be translated into Russian and certified in accordance with the law of the issuing country.

  Nostrification (recognition) of foreign documents on education is carried out at the request of a citizen; the request should be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

  Attached to the application:

  • the original and a copy of the document on education;
  • the original and a copy of the application to the document on education, which provides information about the form and timing of the training, the system of assessment, a list of educational disciplines (subjects), total (weekly) amount of classroom and individual hours, the number of semesters, study weeks, practice, term and final works, annotations of programs on professionally oriented disciplines; other components of the educational process;
  • a document of the state central governing body of education of the country about the recognition (accreditation) of the institution and its curriculum (plan) by the state authorities of the country that own the school, and the countries on the territory of which the educational activities of the institution is implemented;
  • a document of the state central governing body of education of the country about the rights (academic and professional) that are provided to the owner of the document by the bodies of state power of the country that owns the institution and that issued the document;
  • copies of certificates about previous education;
  • a petition from the institution where you plan to continue your education;
  • a document which confirms the identity of the applicant;
  • a document confirming the payment of the recognition procedure.

  The document, which confirms the identity, and the originals of foreign documents about education after the acceptance of the application for recognition are returned to the applicant.

  The documents about education and other foreign documents that are submitted by the applicant are legalized and translated into the Ukrainian language in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

  Without legalization (with testifying the correctness of copies and the translation by the notary of Ukraine) documents are accepted in the cases provided by the law and international treaties of Ukraine.

University Admissions Commission:
  79052 Ukraine, Lviv,
  12a  I.Blazhkevych Str., Room 406
  Phone: +380 32 267 04 86; +380 32 267 15 61
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